PS4 Update 1.70 release date revealed

For all you PS4 owners out there desperately awaiting Sony’s much talked about 1.70 update, good news – the update arrives on April 30th.

The new update brings the Share Factory, a full suite of video editing tools which allows players to edit, splice and spiff up their recorded videos and then share them to Facebook or export to a USB drive.

Players can now also turn off HDCP, allowing them to record directly from the HDMI out. This means that players can record longer video clips, which will be handy for those youtubers who wan’t to record guides or walkthroughs directly from their PS4. Also, the player can now adjust the quality of the stream to the Twitch video streaming service, meaning they can now deliver full high definition videos, should their connection support it.

These are only a handful of the features coming in Update 1.70 but Sony are keeping some under lock and key until the update drops next week.

What are your thoughts on the update? Have you been using the DVR functions of the PS4 and if so, are you excited by Share Factory? What would you most like to see in the next update?

As usual let us know in the comments box below.

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