Interactive Evolve Trailer shows off 4v1 play

We’re quite excited about Evolve here at Player Attack. Our preview was full of compliments for Turtle Rock Studios newest multiplayer shooter, which seems set to expand on many of the ideas found in their previous franchise, Left 4 Dead. If there was a simple way of describing Evolve, it would be something like this – Evolve is like Monster Hunter in first person, where one player takes control of the monster, but quickly turns from Hunted to Hunter.

However, describing it in such a derivative way doesn’t really do it justice. Instead, why not check out our preview for a proper breakdown of the game. Alternatively, Turtle Rock has released an interactive trailer that allows you to see how the game plays from every characters perspective. It’s awesome as you can instantly flick from the medic’s perspective to that of the monster. Wanna know how the Tank Class character functions? Click the tab embedded within the video and see how he operates.

The trailer is actually a full 4v1 match from start to finish and comprises nearly an hour. Some high profile games released this year haven’t even clocked in at that length, leading us to believe that  Evolve may just be a killer timesink upon release. The developers commentate on events as they unfold and give further insight into the hows and whys of  Evolve’s game mechanics.

Evolve is set to release later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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