Minecraft mumbles vague PS4/Vita release details

When Mojang and 4J Studios confirmed that Minecraft would be getting a Blu-ray release in May, the developers also teased that versions of the game were also in the works for PS4 and Vita. Now, we have a better idea of a timeframe.

…well, I say “better idea”, but it’s still about as unclear as they come: Mojang‘s Owen Hill has announced via blog comment that the studio is “aiming for Q2/Q3”.

That means, basically, we could see it as soon as next week, or we could be waiting until late September.

Owen was also vague on the topic of cross-buy for the various PlayStation platforms:

We’ll have more news on cross-buy/upgrade options soon! I understand that the wait is frustrating, but we don’t want to make false promises.

One thing we do know? Minecraft is out now on a whole stack of consoles and platforms, so even if you are hanging out for it on PS4, Vita or Blu-ray, you can still get your world-building fix.

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