Fatal Frame live-action movie for Japan

This week’s a big one for fans of Fatal Frame, with a new game announced for Wii U and now news of a live-action movie in the works as well!

The Fatal Frame series is well known for disturbing imagery...

The Fatal Frame series is well known for disturbing imagery…

While there will be some similarities to the original Fatal Frame, the film isn’t technically based on the game itself. Instead, screenwriters are working to adapt an adaptation of the game – the Japan-only novelisation.

The news comes via Cinema Today (translated by Siliconera), which names magazine models Nakajo Ayami and Morikawa Aoi as having starring roles.

Morikawa will be a sleuthy student, Michi Kazato, who is neck-deep investigating mysterious disappearances at her dormitory, while Nakajo – as Aya Tsukimori – is involved in some sort of “cursed magic”.

The good news keeps coming: This film is likely to be a Japan-only affair, but we’re told a big-name Hollywood release is also on the cards, scheduled for some time after the current game wraps up.

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