Assassin's Creed Unity to feature 4 player co-op

The Escapist are reporting that Assassin’s Creed Unity, the next-gen exclusive Assassin’s Creed title releasing later this year, will have a co-op driven narrative that supports up to 4 players. This will allegedly exist as a separate story to the main campaign and will be shown off at this years E3 conference, according to the publication.

France?! 17th Century!? 4 players?!!? Three Musketeers anyone? What do you mean that’s only 3 players! What about D’artagnan, guys. Sheesh. Why does everyone always forget about poor ol’ D’artagnan. Ubisoft recently had their hand forced as leaked screenshots of AC: Unity surfaced online, prompting the studio to unveil the title prematurely.

You can check out the official reveal trailer below.

Ubisoft are showing no signs of slowing down with Assassin’s Creed, as the series gets not one but two releases this year. Considering it’s Ubisofts best selling franchise by over 25 million units, I guess you can’t really argue with them. Ubisofts Vice President of Creative, Lionel Raynaud has gone on record as stating the reason Ubisoft continue to release yearly iterations of Assassin’s Creed is because the demand is there from the public.

What are your thoughts on Ubisofts best selling franchise? Have the cloaked crusaders started to wear thin their welcome? Or is this four player story mode enough to stir a bit of life in the ol’ dog yet?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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