Wii U Fatal Frame in the works

Japanese gaming mag Famitsu have reported that Tecmo Koei will be bringing their survival horror franchise to Nintendo’s Wii U, with an exclusive entry in the acclaimed horror series. It seems like a natural fit for the console given it’s second screen functionality and Fatal Frames camera centric gameplay. The last Fatal Frame title released was a spin off called Spirit Camera on the Nintendo 3DS, which made fantastic use of that consoles dual cameras for augmented reality based terror.

Tecmo Koei did not disclose an official title or release date for the game, but did state that they had more plans for the series including a live action movie, set to release this fall in Japan. The company also announced their intent to release a spin off comic and novel to link the games and movie together. It seems as though Tecmo Koei are definitely seeing Fatal Frame as a champion of transmedia, with so many upcoming plans for the series.

The Fatal Frame series is well known for disturbing imagery... Like the above screenshot. *Shudders*

The Fatal Frame series is well known for it’s disturbing imagery…

Fatal Frames fourth entry was developed exclusively for the Nintendo Wii back in 2008 and was co-directed by none other than master of the crazy, Suda 51. The game received a fan translation and is largely considered to be the best game in the series to date. The second game, Crimson Butterfly was remade for the Wii and re-released on PSN last summer as a PS2 classic.

This announcement is exciting news for Wii U owners desperate for exclusive games. It might just be the first sign that third party Japanese developers are ready to get behind the console, but we won’t hold our breath. We’ll be doing enough of that when we wait to hear if this Fatal Frame title will be coming to PAL territories…

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