Midweek Media: April 23rd, 2014

cc: Regan Walsh

Smash your television

Did you know that Player Attack has a pretty comprehensive screenshot archive, as well as a hefty File Library? Every day, more new screens and media are added – so we figured we’d collate them all here for you in one handy-dandy spot.

Let’s get it out of the way first, shall we? World of Diving celebrated Easter by putting bunny ears onto people in scuba gear. It looks like they’re having a ball, too – I wonder how the chocolate survived underwater?

In other news, we have a new look at Evolve, which is still exciting, and The Evil Within, which is still terrifying. Caffeine is shaping up to be something a little bit interesting, and we see that simple can still be great, with both Jet Car Stunts and some new shots from Terraria.

Midweek Media image: CC Regan Walsh

2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil

Agarest: Generations of War Zero

Anno Online

Avalanche 2: Super Avalanche

Batman: Arkham Origins

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike

Beat Hazard

Block Story

Bound by Flame

Bust-A-Move 4



Caveboy Escape

Combat Arms

Dead Effect

Doctor Who: Legacy



Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter

Dwarven Den

EA Sports UFC



Haunted House 3

Jet Car Stunts

Magnetic By Nature

Might & Magic: Duel of Champions

Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion

Putty Squad

Rumble Fighter


Star Wars Pinball

Strike Wing: Raptor Rising

Styx: Master of Shadows

Tekken Card Tournament


The Evil Within

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II

Trials Fusion

Uprising 44: The Silent Shadows

World of Diving

World of Speed

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