Is Codemasters teasing GRID 3?

Get ready, racing fans: Codemasters is teasing that something exciting is just over the horizon, with a sneaky trailer pointing at big news landing tomorrow!

Brace Yourselves…Racing is Coming

The video first popped up on the official GRID YouTube channel, with that all-too-familiar logo.

We’re promised “an announcement” rather than just an update of something we already knew, and Ben Walke, Codemasters community manager’s put our minds a little more at ease:

Can officially confirm that next Tuesday’s announcement will NOT have the words Android or iOS in them.

While some smart-alec gamers have of course decided this means a new racer is headed exclusively to Windows Phone, the more likely outcome is a full-blown release for PC/console/both – a return to form for the classic franchise.

Stay tuned, the announcement’s expected in about 12 hours or so – we’ll have all the latest here on Player Attack.

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