Beyond: Two Souls Director's Cut rumoured for PS4

2013 saw two major titles developed exclusively for PS3 despite the console being in its last days. One has been confirmed for a PS4 re-release, and now we’re hearing word that Beyond: Two Souls could be in line for a similar treatment.

Beyond: Two Souls - Jodie as a baby

Beyond: Two Souls – Jodie as a baby

An internet sleuth has spotted references to Beyond: Two Souls using a DualShock 4 controller in a programmer’s portfolio. Predictably, the title’s since been removed, adding some weight behind the story.

The portfolio explicitly mentions a “Director’s Cut” edition, which seems to include scenes that had been deleted from the original PS3 retail version. One of the most interesting promises to include Jodie as a baby.

We’ve also spotted footage of Jodie designed for PS4 in the above demo reel (posted by hoya Lee a year ago).

The plot thickens even further when you look at Quantic Dream CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere’s Twitter account, where he has been happily retweeting requests for PS4 remakes of both Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain without actually replying.

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