Prey 2 developer now working on Minimum

While we’d like to believe that Human Head Studios is still working on Prey 2, we’ve been told that at least some of the developers are focussing on something new. Minimum is a minimalist (of course) third-person arena shooter, originally planned out by Timegate Studios before its demise.

Timegate first announced the game a year ago, just one month before filing for bankruptcy. Since then, it’s gone through a few changes, but the essence is still the same – a 5v5 third-person shooter that draws inspiration from all over the place. There’s some MOBA-style creep farming, as well as blueprints and resources to gather and build into weapons and armour. Plus, as is becoming trendy, there’s a giant mech for each team to look after.

Expect fast-paced, session-based combat, and it only gets deadlier as you go on.

We’re not sure if Minimum will still be a free-to-play title as originally envisaged, but – either way – Human Head and publisher Atari have promised the game will hit Steam Early Access real soon now.

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