Watch_Dogs to get interactive e-book sequel

Ubisoft has just let us know that there will be a sequel – of sorts – for Watch_Dogs. It’s not a game, though. Instead, it’s an interactive e-book, written by John Shirley and created entirely inhouse at the developer.

Watch_Dogs //n/Dark Clouds is inspired by the upcoming video game, and picks up neatly where the game’s story ends. It’s an unusual approach in a world where book tie-ins are typically prequels, spurring interest in the soon-to-be released project.

This time though, cyberpunk author John Shirley is picking up the reins and working on a little something for afterward.

Shirley explains:

Working on Watch Dogs was enormously interesting to me because its world offers the convergence of cyberpunk and the edgy tech reality of our times; it all plays out with action and energy against the inner city backdrop that I thrive in.

Shirley’s story introduces new character, ex-military Mick Wolfe, caught up in the dangerous world of Chicago’s “hyper-connected, violent underground”. The author was given unprecedented access to Ubisoft‘s Montreal studios, working closely with game writers Kevin Shortt and Thomas Geffroyd, something Shirley describes as “a rocking experience”.

Ubisoft is right out there on the frontier of videogame development. I couldn’t ask for more inspiration.

Despite being a sequel, Watch_Dogs //n/Dark Clouds will hit virtual shelves at the same time as Watch_Dogs itself – May 27th, 2014. It will be available in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish, and you can choose between two different versions: A classic e-book or an upgraded version packed with videos, images and interactive elements. It’s your choice, but I know which way I’m leaning…

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