Maintenance dramas for The Elder Scrolls Online

Zenimax Online has spent the past little while wielding the banhammer against rule-breaking gamers in The Elder Scrolls Online. That bit’s fine. The bit that’s not fine? A whole bunch of innocent fans were also swept up in the banning action, locked out of the game they’d been happily (and appropriately) enjoying.

Following the inevitable fan feedback via the game’s forums, Zenimax posted a quick explanation/retraction:

As part of our continuing effort to combat gold spammers, botters and exploiters, we recently banned a number of accounts. After several players appealed, we were able to investigate the matter further and discovered some legitimate accounts got caught up in the sweep. We unbanned accounts last night, and have email responses going out for those affected from our support group. It is never our intention for legitimate players to be harmed as we work to keep your game free of cheaters, and we sincerely apologize for the mistake.

…but the problems don’t stop there: This week’s maintenance (which included the sweep of bans) also accidentally wiped the bank accounts of some gamers. Specifically – some people who had invested in a bank expansion logged in to discover everything stored in that expanded section had been deleted.

In response, the developer is now asking all affected gamers to file a support request, and not let the incident shake your faith in the game:

At this time, it is safe to purchase bank slots in-game regardless if you lost any, as the original issue has been fixed. For those that are missing slots, doing so will not void previous missing slot compensation.

The studio has not released any details on how many gamers have been affected, but if you didn’t log in to The Elder Scrolls Online over the Easter break, now might be a good time to check that everything’s where it should be.

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