Review: OMG HD Zombies [PC, PS Vita]

I’ve always been a fan of Laughing Jackal’s bite sized PSP Mini’s. Games like Cubixx, Ace Armstrong and the Alien Scumbags and Hungry Giraffe gave me hours of drop in, drop out enjoyment on my PSP. The game I loved the most however, was a little Mini called OMG Zombies – a top down, puzzle-shooter… It was something very different from your usual zombie themed title. Now, OMG Zombies has made the move to PS Vita and Steam as OMG HD Zombies, which may just win some non-existent award for it’s ridiculous title.

OMG HD Zombies is still the same bizarre little game I fell in love with on the PSP, only now it’s bigger, better looking and dripping with even more content. Some folks may be put off by the games somewhat simplistic visuals, but for me they have an old school charm and look fantastic upscaled on Vita and PC. For only 4.99 you get a whole lot of content including 12 Steam Achievements/Trophies, 100+ levels and 400 in-game medals to collect.

How does it play, you ask? Well, it’s a top down, puzzle-shooter (as stated earlier) that involves using chain reactions to effectively wipe out a zombie menace. In each level there are a certain number of Zombies to destroy. Players have a limited amount of ammo, let’s say 3 rounds and must use those rounds to take out as many of the Zombies as possible. Luckily different Zombies explode in strange and wonderful ways, meaning clever players can use exploding zombies to chain up gigantic combos of undead.

First of all you have your basic zombie. Shoot this dude and he pops – simples. If he happens to be standing right next to another zombie, they pop too. You get the idea? They usually come in large clusters but timing is important as they literally have to be on top of another zombie to set off a chain reaction. Next up are your bloaters. These are hefty, festively plump undead that explode in a satisfying pool of viscera, destroying any zombies unlucky enough to be relatively close to them at the time.

Why not paint the town red in OMG HD Zombies on PS Vita and PC

Why not paint the town red in OMG HD Zombies on PS Vita and PC

There are more. Acid zombies that collapse into a puddle, which then kills additional undead. Policeman zombies that fire a handgun shot upon death. Same goes for the army dudes, except they fire a string of bullets from their automatic rifles.

It could be argued that there isn’t a whole lot  of diversity in OMG Zombies and while that is somewhat true, you get a hell of a lot of content for such a paltry entry price. Laughing Jackal are currently working away on the awesome looking Flame Over for PS Vita, so for now why not catch up on their previous adventures with this HD-ified remake.

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