Zombies, Run! Part 3 now available on iOs and Android

Do you want to get fit but lack the motivation to actually run more than 5 minutes at a time…or 7 if you’re listening to an average Rush song?
Well, Zombies, Run! is the app for you and the 3rd part has just been released!

Zombies, Run! Gameplay

Zombies, Run! Gameplay

From developer Six to Start, this mobile narrative fitness game has you exercising to complete mission objects and progress through a story about the a zombie outbreak. Basically the more you run, the better you do!
The app can sync with your music library and records the distance you run, even the timing and the pace. You can even monitor your data through the app’s free online service, ZombieLink.

The app is currently available on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android devices for $3.99 (USD), with Season 3 being a free update for existing players. The update includes a redesign of the HUD and graphics and will give players 3 new missions a week over the course of the year!

If you find regular ol’ exercise boring, I implore you give this a crack. Nothing gets those legs moving like the the snarls of the undead, the high energy beats of Wipeout HD and an XP meter millimeters from being filled!

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