Preorder New Wolfenstein on Steam and get TF2 goodies

Machinegames’ new take on the Wolfenstein series looks as perfect as a well executed Blitzkrieg through Western-Europe, with stunning visuals, interesting plot and branching paths, what more could we want in a shooter?! Oh that’s right! Team Fortress 2 goodies!!

Heavy rockin' Wolfenstein: New Order gear

Heavy rockin’ Wolfenstein: New Order gear

Wolfenstein: The New Order is available for pre-purchase on Steam right now and doing so will net you some exclusive TF2 items in the form of the regime armor “Die Regime-Panzerung” and machinery soldier helm “Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm.”

Wolfenstein: The New Order will launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on May 20 and all platforms will come with a beta access code to Doom 4 when pre-ordered!…’cause Doom’s still relevant too, right guys?…right?

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