COD Voice Pack DLC adds… Snoop Dogg?!?

Snoop Dogg will be the new multiplayer announcer for Call of Duty Ghosts from the 20th of April onwards. You dig?

In a bizarre move by Activision, Snoop D-O, Double G(or his voice at least) will enter the world of Call of Duty Ghosts. A few questions need to be raised here… Did anyone actually want this? Does this bring glamorising violence to whole new levels considering the superstars flippant attitude towards gang related crime? Will we see Jay Z provide voice over duties for Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer in retaliation??

Whatever the case this is a dayum strange move. The world of COD just keeps getting that bit more bizarre. The multiplayer voice pack launches 20th of April on Xbox platforms, with a release on other platforms to follow shortly thereafter.

Also, wasn’t he called Snoop Lion there a year or two ago? Whatever happened to that?

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