Free Garden Warfare Zomboss Down DLC incoming!

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One is getting some new DLC today. The twist here is that… this DLC is free. Shock and horror. It’s not just some minor update or little aesthetic things either. It’s a full on 2.8GB DLC called Zomboss Down and it adds quite a bit to EA Popcap’s unique little flora based shooter.

Zomboss Down adds a new wild-west themed map, 8 new playable characters and over 200 additional customisation items. Wow. That’s quite a hefty amount to get in a free DLC, eh? That’s not all though. There’s three new plant consumables – the Bamboo Shoot as well as the Fire/Ice Peashooters and the level cap has been raised from 20 to 30.

10 new achievements round out the DLC and add a bit more value to the overall package. Our own Jonny Robot reviewed the game over on Player Attack TV on the 28th of March. He had some problems with the game, but enjoyed its sense of fun and colourful aesthetics. It’s rare to get a free premium DLC, let alone one for a brand new release. Still playing PVZ: Garden Warfare? Will this DLC get you back playing it again if you’ve dropped out?

As per usual, let us know in the comments below.


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