New Xbox One update rolling out tonight

Good ol’ Larry Hyrb a.k.a Major Nelson announced that owners of Microsoft’s latest console will be getting access to a new update tonight which will add friend notifications, enhanced headset audio and much more. Hyrb detailed the updates over on his blog but we’ve got them for you right here:

  • Game saves will now have a progress bar to show you how far you’ve actually gotten. Also games will show you if they have been updated recently.
  • Notifications will now show you when favourites or friends sign into Xbox Live. Xbox One owners have been chomping at the bit for this feature, so it’s great to see Microsoft take note of the feedback and include it in this update. On top of that friends who are currently in multiplayer will be identified in the friends list.
  • Kinect will see a major overhaul enhancing voice and motion control. This is a big one for me as I’ve had significant issues with my Kinect’s gestures. Hyrb says we will see improvements in this area after the update.
  • There will also be improvements to the GameDVR video, which makes use of new compression algorithms to improve video quality.
  • Numerous improvements to the Blu Ray player are on the way including native 50hz support for content recorded at 50hz.
  • Updates to the audio headset which will reduce static. The controller will also benefit from the update which improves it’s wireless connectivity.
  • System updates on demand and in Silent Reboot mode. The console will automatically update and reboot going forward.

So there you have it. Microsoft are doing everything possible to listen to fan feedback which is essential in this day and age where customer satisfaction is key.

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