PREVIEW: Nom Nom Galaxy [PC]

Q-Games are the little studio that keeps on giving. With only about 40 staff in house, the company churns out classics year on year as part of it’s successful Pixeljunk Series. Games like Pixeljunk Monsters and Shooter have made their way to a variety of platforms including Sony devices and Steam, bringing immeasurable joy to all who play them. This time around Pixeljunk is coming to Steam first – by means of Early Access – with it’s crafting adventure Nom Nom Galaxy. A game about… Soup.

I really didn’t know what to expect going into Q-Games latest. I knew it was a game about making soup… and that was pretty much it. What I found was yet another charming adventure that puts creativity at its core. In Nom Nom Galaxy intergalactic soup corporations compete to have the largest market share in the solar system. As an employee of SOUP CO. it’s your job to create and jettison barrels of soup into space to control the intergalactic soup selling market. Cause we all know how important that is.

The game can be played with keyboard and mouse but is better played with a Gamepad in this Early Access build. Using the right stick players can use their drill/buzzsaw thing to dig through the environment, searching for soup ingredients. Players can also find blue ore which is used as currency. This allows players to build various structures including generators to power your base, struts and corridors, soup stations for crafting and also rockets for jettisoning your goopy creations off into the depths of space.

Players can also use their currency to create additional weapons for tackling foes, cannons to defend your base and special vehicles to get around. Smart players will invest in conveyor belts and helper robots to streamline their soup production ensuring dominance over the (presumably) evil MEGA-SOUP INC. Indigenous species and rival corporations will pose a threat to your base but the inability to consistently produce new soups is the primary cause of failure.

Nom Nom 1

Nom Nom features those gorgeous trademark Q-Games visual stylings

The cute little 2D visuals are incredibly charming, as per the norm for Q-Games Pixeljunk titles and the audio is suitably bizarre and quirky for the slightly off kilter theme of the game. Like other crafting games, Nom Nom Galaxy features a highly entertaining 2 player split screen mode that enhances the fun tenfold. My nephew and I had a shedload of fun distributing duties around our base. “You get on defense, I’ll go look for ingredients” was the cause of many arguments.

Although the game is still in pretty early development, it’s already looking solid bar a few bugs here and there. When asked if they would eventually port the game to other devices – say, Playstation platforms – John Davis said:

We’d love to bring it to consoles. Our team size now is pretty small, however, so we’re focused on finishing (or at least getting to a more content rich version) before we start talking about console versions of NNG.

It sounds like there is still a chance of Pixeljunks latest coming to consoles but for the meantime, Nom Nom Galaxy is firmly planted on PC. You can actually check the game out yourself in it’s Early Access stage over on Steam.

Q-Games pour a whole lotta love into their charming little games and Nom Nom is no exception. The game seems to balance a relatively simple premise with a surprising amount of depth. We are looking forward to Nom Nom Galaxy’s full release and can’t wait to see if the game will also make the jump across to consoles in the future.

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