Capcom invests $78M in game R&D

Capcom announced today that they are investing $78 million in a game development R&D centre located near their Osaka headquarters.


According to Capcom, this R&D centre will consist of two structures and aim to centralize its game development arm, allowing them to “create highly original games that can meet the expectations of users” far more efficiently.

These two, 16 floor structures will include all the mod cons you’d need for game development, including a motion capture room, a sound effects / mixing studio and “multi-purpose spaces that can hold more than 100 people.”

In a bold move, Capcom also wants to cut down its development expenses by growing its in house development team by 100 new developers every year, consisting mainly of new graduates, with Capcom stating it plans to have 2500 internal devs by 2022.

Capcom believes that focusing on having a strong internal development team with these resources available to them will give them the competitive edge in the next gen and expanding mobile and PC online games market.

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