Surrealist nightmare Grave coming to the Xbox One

If you missed this little gem a couple of months back, let me give you the skinny. Unveiled at GDC this year, Grave is what you’d expect if Salvador Dali and David Lynch decided to do the fusion dance and the progeny of said union was to enter the world of video game development. That’s right, a surrealist mind**** that also looks oh so pretty!

Whilst still a good year away yet and in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign, the developers at Broken Window Studios have added the Xbox One to the release platforms, along with PC, Mac and Linux.

Featuring rapid day to night cycles (with constantly new random generated landscapes, every time the sun comes up), Alan Wake inspired light mechanics and the mighty, sensory distorting Oculus Rift, Grave looks like it’s gonna be something worth watching…or hiding from, depending on your constitution!

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