Titanfall Expedition DLC coming in May

Fans of giant mechanical exoskeletons and jump jetting pilots everywhere, rejoice. Hot off the floors at PAX East, Respawn Entertainment have announced details of the first Titanfall DLC, Expedition which will be coming sometime in May. The expansion adds 3 entirely new maps – Runoff, Swamplands and Wargame. Expedition is the first of three DLC expansions announced for the colossal shooter.

Looks a bit like Endor don't it?

Looks a bit like Endor don’t it?

Details regarding the Swamplands map have been released including the addition of Tree Running. It feel’s like this is gonna be the Battle of Endor meets Attack on Titan game you’ve always dreamed of… At least, since the release of Attack on Titan anyhow. Each of the new DLC’s costs $9.99 (USD) and the season pass can be purchased for $24.99.

Respawn also gave some information regarding the next update to Titanfall. It will add a new 2v2 Last Titan Standing mode to the game at no extra cost.

Already jumped on the Titanfall bandwagon? Excited about the Expedition DLC? Let us know, below!

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