Firaxis unveils new Civilization title at PAX East

Firaxis Games today announced the latest entry in their Civilization series today at PAX East. Sid Meiers Civilization: Beyond Earth starts where most previous Civilization games have ended – jetting off into deep space to explore the stars. Players will have to choose a national identity, flag, spaceship, cargo and what colonists to bring with them. The fate of mankind will literally be in your hands.

Some interesting details about the game were discussed at PAX East, including the scrapping of the Civilization games signature Tech Tree system. Instead, due to the vastly non linear and open nature of the game, players will have access to a Tech Web as they will not be creating an alternate history, but instead a potential future. The Tech Web will allow players to create whole new ideoligies and religions, that don’t even exist in the real world unlike its historically accurate forebear.

The games designers consciously made an effort to keep as much of the Civilization DNA intact in Beyond Earth, while still creating something fresh and new for fans of the worlds most popular simulation title.  Although the game will feature a overarching story, it will be heavily focused on the gameplay with the story basically there to set the tone and establish the universe.

Beyond Earth is one of the best PC Exclusives the master race could have asked for this year!

Beyond Earth is one of the best PC Exclusives the master race could have asked for this year!

Civilization is one of my favourite simulation/strategy series of all time, so this has gotten me pretty damn excited. The game will release this Fall on PC, Mac and Linux for $49.99 (USD). Although Beyond Earth is clearly a Civilization game in name and design, fans can’t help but draw comparisons to one of Sid Meiers other popular games – Alpha Centauri, which was itself a spiritual successor to the Civilization series at the time of its release.

What do you think? Is this brave new direction one that interests you? Or do you like your Civilization games planted firmly on the ground? Were you a fan of Alpha Centauri and if so does this float your boat? It certainly feels as if the devs are… Reaching for the STARS *Chuckle, Chuckle*

As usual let us know in the comments section below.

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