Earthbound style game saved by Atlus

Kickstarter can be a dangerous place. Sometimes you get super invested in a project, back it, share the love and do everything you can to see it funded. However, sometimes no matter how hard you try that just doesn’t happen. This was the case with Citizens of Earth – a quirky homage to the Mother titles. The most famous game in the Mother series, Earthbound, was one of my all time favourite SNES games and I immediately backed this comical little throwback to that title.

Sadly, the game didn’t reach it’s funding target at the time and all hope was lost. When suddenly a wild Atlus appeared. The Persona publisher have jumped into bed with the games developers and now we will see Citizens of Earth on PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, 3DS and PC this September. It’s rare to find these funny little, modern themed JRPG’s, so Citizens of Earth should fill a void for Earthbound lovers out there.

It’s nice to see a positive Kickstarter story sometimes as often enough mainstream media seems more interested in focusing on the negatives of the crowdfunding platform. It’s great to see that while Citizens of Earth missed it’s funding target, it still gave the developers enough visibility to be spotted by a major publisher like Atlus, allowing them to bring their dream game to life.

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