Respawn rolling out latest major patch for Titanfall

Much like the title says, those busy devils over at Respawn Entertainment are rolling out a major patch across all platforms for Titanfall today.



Amongst a few minor changes, one of the biggest additions in this patch will be the ability to create and host your own private matches for 2-12 players. Now hold your giant metal horses there folks, if you jumped straight to the “this can be exploited for XP and burn cards” then take a minute to cool that nuclear drive core because in this mode players can’t net any XP, achievements or complete challenges!

The other minor modifications come in the form of adding a shortcut to the Xbox One’s Party App, making players more distinguishable on the mini-map, ending the wall-hack exploit in the PC version and general nerfing and tweaking of weapons and the like.

If you want to go through the tweaks like a rabid Dark Souls fan, you can have at it here and when you’re done I’ll see you in the mech graveyard they call a battlefield.

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