Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe takes a new approach

It’s only been released in Japan so far – and we honestly don’t know if it’ll make it into other territories – but Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe takes the super-popular anime to an all-new level, doing away with the traditional virtual d-pad.

Instead, Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe – like the name suggests – lets you simply swipe a touchscreen to punch your enemies. If you want to do something a little more complex (shoot ki blasts or Kamehameha), there is still a set of handy buttons on the side.

At this stage, Goku is the only playable character (this may change, it may not), but he can duke it out with a variety of bad guys, including Frieza. Other characters do play a part in the game – the more missions you complete, the more 3D character figures you unlock.

Dragon Ball: Ultimate Swipe is available for both iOS and Android devices that can access the appropriate Japanese stores – we’ll keep you posted if the Saiyans head across the seas.

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