inFamous: Second Son sells a million copies

inFamous: Second Son burst onto our shores (and the PlayStation 4 just a few short weeks ago, and Sony has proudly confirmed that it’s done pretty darn well for itself in terms of sales.

No matter how many people around the world have declared their hatred for Delsin (and more than a few have), it seems that hasn’t stopped the sales: More than one million copies of Second Son were sold in just the first nine days of launch. This milestone also makes it the bestselling inFamous title, beating out both the first game and 2011’s inFamous 2.

Second Son treads new ground for the franchise – it’s the first time that traditional protagonist Cole isn’t in the spotlight, replaced by the somewhat polarising Delsin and his smoke / neon powers.

It’s also the first game in the franchise to arrive on PS4, and the first game Sucker Punch has released since being acquired by Sony.

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