The Evil Within gets killer gameplay trailer

Bethesda are rocking quite the release schedule this year. First they had the hotly anticipated Elder Scrolls Online MMO, which launched last week on PC and will come to home consoles some time this summer. They will release Wolfenstein The New Order on May 20th, which we’ve talked a bit about here on Player Attack and that will include a beta for the Bethesda published DOOM reboot.

Oh god, no... Not scary psychiatric hospitals. NEVER THAT!

Oh god, no… Not scary psychiatric hospitals. NEVER THAT!

In August the publisher will be sending us crying to our mommies, when they release the Shinji Mikami helmed survival horror, The Evil Within. Mikami is seen by many as the father of mainstream survival horror first bringing the genre into the limelight with the original Resident Evil and again in 2004 with the series fourth installment.

Formerly known as Zwei, The Evil Within looks absolutely terrifying with a clear emphasis on the horror side of things. Check out the latest trailer from Bethesda to see just how nasty things are going to get.

The Evil Within frightens its way onto shelves August 29th in Europe, Australia and New Zealand for PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version will release a couple of months later.

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