Sony to reveal something big (and spooky) tomorrow

It seems there’s still a few people who aren’t sick of zombie games, as Sony Online Entertainment teases its new project with a very undead feel.

Is this our first look at H1Z1?

Is this our first look at H1Z1?

A new teaser website for the game – apparently codenamed H1Z1 has now opened, showing a spooky landscape complete with swirling clouds.

We’re now bracing ourselves for a big announcement tomorrow (April 9th in US timezones), with SOE president John Smedley announcing we’ll get gameplay footage as well as the reveal and some other good news.

You can play it yourself soon. And by play I mean play fully.

…it’s wishful thinking that we could be so close to a full release, but a beta at least doesn’t seem far off.

Smedley’s been hinting at H1Z1 for a while now, suggesting that the game will be a survival horror sandbox, an MMORPG set in a post-apocalyptic world crawling with zombies of various designs. He’s promised that fans of Star Wars Galaxies will appreciate the sandbox elements of this new one, too.

One thing Smedley hasn’t indicated is quite which platforms H1Z1 will appear on. SOE has recently published games on PC first, then PS4 (and PS3) sometime later – we wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case here, too.

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