All Infinite Crisis champions unlocked for one week

Infinite Crisis, like other MOBA games, features a rotating roster of free-to-play Champions, with a new selection chosen each week. If there is a specific character you want to play, you’d normally have to spend some money for the privilege, but this week, WBIE is doing something different.

To celebrate PAX East, the developer is unlocking every single champion in Infinite Crisis for one week. This gives you the perfect opportunity to get in and try out each character, so you can then pick a favourite.

All Champions are unlocked on April 9th, and they will remain free until April 16th. At the same time, if you want to invest in some Mods, Augments or Stolen Powers, they’re 50% off for the same timeframe.

We haven’t heard great things about Infinite Crisis, but fans of the DC Comics Universe will find it an enjoyable little thing. The game is currently in open beta, and will be free-to-play when it finally, officially launches.

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