Bruce Lee is playable in EA Sports UFC

For months now, EA has been hinting at a special character for EA Sports UFC. We all had our theories, but none were as crazy as reality. The upcoming game will feature a playable Bruce Lee.

But… why Bruce Lee? Brian Haynes, the game’s creative director, says that’s “the most ridiculous question”.

It’s. Bruce. Lee…

Lee can be unlocked either by pre-ordering the game, or by completing career mode on Pro difficulty. He is playable across four different weight classes, and has his own special moves.

Haynes continues:

You have the premier organization in the fastest growing sport in the world, the UFC; and the most iconic martial artist in the history of the world, Bruce Lee – a martial artist renowned for his philosophies that laid the groundwork for modern mixed martial arts.

I can’t conceive of a universe where bringing these two things together doesn’t make sense.

The studio aimed to capture Lee at one specific era of his life, and to make sure the digital Lee was as accurate as possible – the martial artist died in 1973, aged just 32 – the EA Sports team worked with a life-cast of his body, candid photographs, and a library of digital references.

EA Sports UFC is out June 19 in Australia and June 20 in New Zealand, for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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