Tetris racks up 425 million downloads on mobile

Just in case you thought Tetris had somehow fallen from favour over its 20-year history, think again. Hank Rogers, the man credited with bringing the block-dropper to the United States, has announced that 425 million gamers have downloaded a verion of the game onto their mobile phones.

Tetris. 1984. Alexey Pajitnov

The original Tetris from 1984

That number ignores the 35 million copies of the game sold for the original Game Boy, and does away with the countless other packaged versions. Also, EA‘s free-to-play version Tetris Blitz doesn’t count.

Rogers is referring to 425 million fully-fledged, standalone versions of Tetris, which gamers have paid for on their smart (or not-so-smart) phones.

To put this into a different perspective: 2010 market just 100 million paid mobile downloads for the game, so more than 300 million gamers picked up a copy of Tetris over the past four years – no mean feat for a game that first hit shelves back in 1984!

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