Mojang confirms: Scrolls is headed to tablets

It’s been a while since we’ve heard much from Scrolls, but developer Mojang has broken the silence, announcing it’s bringing the collectible card game to tablets!

The next update (as yet undated) for Scrolls will also introduce a new tutorial and a revamped ranking system, as well as bringing the game to tablet. There are also the usual audio/video tweaks and reportedly a new demo, providing cautious fans with “a slice” of the gameplay.

The existing tutorial has copped a bit of flak for not really making the game any less intimidating, so it’s being scrapped and replaced with two new ones, both designed to teach basic mechanics and get you playing the game more quickly.

Mojang has actually handballed the tablet development for Scrolls, with Ludosity taking charge. We don’t have many more details on this one, but we’re promised “more news on this soon”… sit tight!

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