Splitscreen multiplayer headed to Goat Simulator

Typically, when a game becomes popular, fans start demanding more content. Typically, if and when the developers decide to create more content, it is released as premium DLC, making the fans pay for it. Goat Simulator is not a typical game.

While the team at Coffee Stain Studios is working on extra additions for the game, they’ve officially announced that it will be released as a free update – “because goats don’t like to charge for new content”.

Patch 1.1 for Goat Simulator will be adding a whole new playable map, roughly the size of the original map, local splitscreen multiplayer, new achievements, new goats, and more!
Patch will come in the middle of May!

Goat Simulator, which basically does exactly what you’d expect from the name, is out now via Steam, and it’s currently topping the bestseller lists. The developers actually recommend that you pool your money with your friends and buy a real goat, labelling Goat Simulator a “completely stupid game”.

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