Viscera Cleanup Detail brings mops to Steam

Last July, we told you about Viscera Cleanup Detail, the game that puts you into the mucky boots of a space station janitor. If this sounds like something you’re into, you’re in luck: The game’s just launched on Steam Early Access.

Rather than running around and making a mess, Viscera Cleanup Detail has you trudging through the corridors cleaning up the blood and gore. Think about the state you left the Ishimura in after Dead Space, and you’ve got a fair idea of how much work lies ahead of you.

(If you’d prefer, there’s also a crossover with Shadow Warrior that sees you cleaning up after Lo Wang.)

Viscera Cleanup Detail is available now for $8. The game comes with the standard Early Access warning that it’s potentially still full of bugs and missing chunks of content, but developer Runestorm wants your feedback and opinions. If you can handle it, playing the game now will help make the finished version even better!

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