Last Resistance. FPS Servers shutting down.

If you’re a fan of Sony’s OTHER first person franchise – you know the one with aliens, not space fascists – you may want to tuck in this weekend as Sony will be shutting down the servers on April 8th. FOREVER.

The Resistance trilogy will become offline only in just a matter of days. Sony were originally scheduled to pull the plug on the Resistance servers at the end of March, but Insomniac’s console exclusive series had an extra eleven days added onto it’s death sentence. It’s a shame really, as although Resistance 2 mostly sucked, it’s online co-op was some of the best on the PS3, providing a Left 4 Dead alternative for Playstation users.

In response to a fans query on Twitter, Insomniac stated:

“There are a large variety of reasons why they have to shut down. Sony makes that call though, not us. They maintain the online.”

Insomniac employees also pointed out that they would spend the weekend online playing the Resistance games should anyone wish to join them.

Here's to you Joseph Capelli. You served your platform well.

Here’s to you Joseph Capelli. You served your platform well.

Sony have gained some notoriety of late for pulling the plug on several servers of popular online PS3 titles. In January the company essentially killed M.A.G and Socom: Confrontation – two online only games now rendered unplayable. In May, the company will disconnect the Gran Turismo 5 servers; a game that only released a mere 3 years ago.

Resistance 3 was the highlight of the series and boasted some incredibly interesting map designs and unique modes in its online segment.

All good things must come to an end and although the Resistance series was not the tearaway success Sony probably hoped for, it had it’s fair share of dedicated fans – yours truly included.

What do you think about Sony’s decision to disconnect several prominent PS3 exclusives? As usual discuss in the comments box below.

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