External Storage support coming to Xbox One

Some hope for those of you with an Xbox One who want a little more storage. Major Nelson, a.k.a Larry Hyrb, commented on the support in a recent reddit discussion with Xbox fans. The voice of Xbox had this to say in relation to the external storage issue:

“External game storage is coming soon… I’ll have to check on media support”

This is of course encouraging as Microsoft promised external support would be included in the Xbox One’s roadmap. When asked what limit the external storage could be on Xbox One, Hyrb answered with a vague:

“When I have details on that, I’ll let you know”

Users also asked Hyrb about regional voice commands and Kinect Security Cameras. Major Nelson’s response was that both would be “problematic” and at present there was “no update”.

Personally, I’m most desperate for media support from external drives on the Xbox One. What are you waiting for? Running out of space?

Why not tell us your most anticipated features for the Xbox One in the comments section below…

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