Kirby: Triple Deluxe brings new pink + white 2DS

There’s a new Kirby on the way, and he’s bringing with him a new 2DS! Nintendo has confirmed that Australia and New Zealand are in line to receive the pastel-tastic pink + white 2DS handheld alongside the launch of Kirby’s Triple Deluxe from May 17th.

Pink + White Nintendo 2DS

Pink + White Nintendo 2DS

The new colourway will perfectly match the game, which is described as “a magical tale of a giant Dreamstalk and the kidnapping of a king”. The pink design boasts a white stripe across the side and back, drawing more than a little inspiration from our rosy-coloured friend. (If that’s not enough, there’s also a shiny silver 2DS Carrying Case out separately on the same day!)

Kirby: Triple Deluxe is a return to action for our favourite pink blob, a colourful platformer featuring a whole assortment of enemies. This time around, some of those enemies have unique features – and the only way to absorb them is by inhaling them whole!

There are 25 of these Copy Abilities within the game, which also give Kirby a new look as well as special powers and “unusual” combination moves. Keep an eye out for the Hypernova – a powered-up version of his usual inhale ability that means he can suck up huge obstacles and even entire sections of a level!

The Nintendo 2DS is the latest addition to the 3DS family, allowing gamers of all ages to join in the handheld experience, with its tablet-style form and 2D-only gameplay. If you’re not convinced, Kirby’s Triple Deluxe will still be fully playable on your standard 3DS or 3DS XL, when the game launches from May 17th.

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