Amazon announce exclusive games for Fire TV

In the wake of today’s reveal (and release?!?) of the Amazon Fire TV Set Top Box, Amazon has unveiled several exclusive games for the platform. Guess it wasn’t so crazy to think that this new device might be an Amazon home console after all…

First up is Sev Zero – which is a bizarre combination of Killzone and Metal Gear. Just kidding. Sev Zero is a third person sci-fi action game, with decidedly bungie-esque world/enemy designs. The game blends third person action with tower defense style strategy, much like beloved title Orcs Must Die. The game apparently costs $6.99 but it is also bundled with the Amazon Fire TV control pad – which retails for $39.99.

We also have a showreel that shows off some quirky looking titles exclusive to the Amazon Fire TV. The visuals might be subdued but there seems to be some creative stuff going on here and it will be interesting to see how the market responds.

Will developers embrace Amazons new machine?

Or will the device go the way of the Ouya?

Chuck in your two cents in the comments box below.


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