Shadow of Mordor coming this October

Warner Bros Interactive have revealed the release date for upcoming “Dark and Gritty” Middle Earth game Shadow of Mordor. The game will release on October 7th – the same day as horror game, Alien Isolation. Warner also revealed the games box art which depicts tortured hero Talion, looking decidedly wraith-like, striding through a bunch of dead goblins. Nice!

Shadow of Mordor PC Box Art

Shadow of Mordor PC Box Art

Interestingly, the box art has no Lord of the Rings or Hobbit branding splattered all over it, which indicates Warner Bros believe Shadow of Mordor will be strong enough to stand independently of its license. The company also talked about pre-order bonuses. If you pre-order you will have access to the Dark Ranger pack, which adds extra skins, a challenge mode and leaderboard access.

Sound intriguing to you?

Watch the trailer below to learn a bit more about the game which comes from F.E.A.R developers Monolith.

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