Disney Magical World is confusingly charming

If you’re familiar with the concept of Animal Crossing, you’re in a good position to understand what’s going on in Disney Magical World. It’s sort of like Nintendo‘s village sim, but the characters are more easily recognisable… and you can go ghost hunting.

In case the sweetness of the trailer is clouding your eyes, a quick recap: Interact with Disney characters, create your own avatar, manage your own cafe (including menu choices), go fishing, explore Disney-themed dungeons (the one featured is Alice in Wonderland), hunt for ghosts, take photos with Disney characters, use StreetPass to visit neighbours, experience a sit-down dinner with your friends via multiplayer, and use the handheld hardware to collect items using AR cards.

Which hardware? Disney Magical World is headed to the 3DS family (so 3DS, 3DS XL and 2DS) – and it’s even getting a couple of nifty special-edition hardware releases, too. Some retailers are stocking a pink/white 2DS in a Magical World carrying case, while others have a white/gold 3DS XL complete with familiar mouse-ear designs.

Disney Magical World is headed to North America on April 11, after a successful Japanese launch last August – we’re chatting to both Nintendo and Disney to determine an Australia/New Zealand/European launch.

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