Sackboy welcomes Joe Danger to Vita

Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie are headed to the PlayStation Vita very soon, and they’ve enlisted some friends to help the transition.

Sackboy as he appears in Joe Danger

Sackboy as he appears in Joe Danger

Developer Alex Wiltshire from Hello Games has confirmed that Tearaway‘s Iota and Atoi will be appearing in both games, alongside LittleBigPlanet‘s SackBoy in a glorious Media Molecule love-in.

Cross-over DLC is one of our favourite types of DLC, so it’s great to see another developer jumping onto the bandwagon – and it looks like Wiltshire’s pretty pleased.

They fit so nicely in Joe’s colourful world. Sackboy is in our game! Sackboy! It’s so good. Thanks, Media Molecule! Hey, maybe Joe can take a holiday in LittleBigPlanet sometime?

In more technical news, both Joe Danger outings are running smoothly at 60 frames-per-second. The original game features 84 levels, including the Laboratory and Director’s Cut stages, with 25 characters to play as. Joe Danger 2: The Movie has 85 levels – including the 15 originally included in the Undead Movie Pack – and 35 playable characters. Plus there are leaderboards, downloadable ghosts to race against, a stack of Trophies, and all of the controls have been tidied up to work with the Vita’s buttons and touchscreens.

First, we’ve added touch controls for the menus and the Editor mode! This makes the games really easy to navigate. And in play, the only differences are that Circle now tricks as well as punches, while Triangle is a second trick button. The bottom line is that it feels so natural; we’ve been racking up some crazy scores already!

We have no release date for either Joe Danger or Joe Danger 2: The Movie, but Wiltshire asks us to sit tight – announcements for both are coming “really soon”.

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