Major update in the works for inFamous: Second Son

Following the launch of inFamous: Second Son just a couple of weeks ago, Sucker Punch is already taking suggestions on what to include in the next patch.

Moving beyond simply fixing the parts of the game that are broken, the studio’s looking into introducing new tweaks, add-ons and features that didn’t make it into the full game.

Brian Fleming, Sucker Punch co-founder and producer on Second Son explains:

We also want you to know that we listen to your complaints. Some big, some small, but we take them all to heart. We never want to lose sight of how important it is that we listen to all of you. We can always be better.

Fleming lists some of the “small features” the team is currently working on:

  • Change Time-of-Day
    Once you beat the game, a new entry will appear on the options menu to allow you to select the time of day! A very popular request indeed, and one we’re excited to enable for you all.
  • HUD On/Off
    Especially for those amazingly talented screenshot taking folks, we’re including an option to let you turn the HUD on and off.
  • Cap at 30FPS
    Internally we prefer the unlocked frame rate, but we recognize that some players find it distressing. So we’ll provide a way to ensure the game is not bumping up over 30FPS, if that’s how you prefer to play.

The studio is, of course, also working on finding and squishing any bugs, and will incorporate important fixes into the patch, alongside “a few other little things”.

There’s no formal date yet for this major update for inFamous: Second Son, but Fleming explains that, all things going to plan, it could be in your hands in as little as two weeks.

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