Predator confirmed in Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC

Last week it was teased, this week it’s confirmed: Action movie icon Predator will indeed be terrifying gamers playing through the Devastation DLC pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

This isn’t the first movie character to make an appearance in Ghosts. The previous DLC pack brought Halloween‘s Mike Myers with it, and we’re assuming Predator will be treated in pretty much the same way. That is, he’ll be an unplayable enemy until you complete enough Field Orders, and then you can climb inside his skin.

Myers appeared in one map – Fog – so it makes sense that Predator should also only appear in the Ruins map in this pack. There are, of course, three other maps included, as well as a new chapter in the Extinction co-op mode and a new gun, called The Ripper.

The Devastation pack launches for Call of Duty: Ghosts later this week for Xbox One and Xbox 360, with PC and PlayStation versions following some time later.

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