Minecraft gets all sorts of new things on PS3

Minecraft on PS3 is about to get a platform-specific update, with a shiny new Skin Pack bringing a bunch of iconic PlayStation characters to the blocky world-builder.

The new Skin Pack means you can play Minecraft with a character dressed as Uncharted‘s Nathan Drake, if that takes your fancy – or, if you’d prefer, there’s also an assortment of characters from Killzone, Sly Cooper and (my favourite) Heavy Rain to choose from.

Heavy (Minecrafty) Rain

Heavy (Minecrafty) Rain

…but wait, there’s more! The Battle and Beasts Pack is also packed with new skins: Cleopatra, cavemen, an octopus and even fuzzy koalas.

Still more: A brand new update that’s also hit the game brings with it the usual assortment of gameplay tweaks and new content. Wolf collars can now be dyed, cauldrons left out in the rain will fill with water and – wait for it – pigs now drop more porkchops. You’ll also be able to find Ender Chests, Emeralds and Zombie Villagers, among others.

And, if you’re still not happy, there are two new texture packs launched as well, to change the look of basic Minecraft. Apply the Plastic Texture pack to make things look… plasticky, or the City Texture pack to make things more clean and clinical.

All of these updates are out right now for PlayStation 3, so if you want to jump in, there’s nothing stopping you!

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