AU/EU PS Plus Lineup: April 2014

Following on from a mixed PS Plus offering in March, Sony have announced the games you can expect to receive “free” this April. Well, that is as long as you live in Europe, Australia or New Zealand. As per the norm there is one PS4 title, two PS3 games and two Vita games – although both Vita games are cross buy titles, meaning you will end up with four PS3 titles in total. Hooray for free things!

This months PS4 reward is the 2D side scrolling shoot em up, Mercenary Kings; a fast paced love letter to Metal Slug, with art by the amazing Paul Robertson. Paul is responsible for the art in 2010’s cult hit, Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, The Videogame as well as several Anamanaguchi music videos and a slew of crazy (yet hilarious) Youtube clips. I actually backed this game when it was seeking crowdfunding, so I’m mighty excited that I’ll now be able to play the game on my PS4.

It’s like Scott Pilgrim and Metal Slug had a baby…

PS3 owners will get Moto GP – a fast paced, arcade style, biking game. On top of that, Plus subscribers will be able to download Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer 2014. This is good news for footie fans who may have chosen to follow Fifa in 2014, as they can now sample the competitions latest entry, with no purchase necessary.

Vita owners will get Indie darling Hotline Miami, which was one of my favourite games released on Playstation platforms last year. This title is cross buy, meaning PS3 owners will be able to download Dennaton Games wonderful top down shooter – not just Vita users.

Same goes for the other Vita inclusion of the month – Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the ridiculously addictive fourth entry in the popular Sly Cooper series. The Sly Cooper franchise was created by inFamous developer, Sucker Punch many moons ago. Although Thieves in Time was developed by Sanzaru games (not Sucker Punch), I had an absolute ball with Sly and his gang, when it released last year. I highly suggest Vita and PS3 owners download this when it comes to Plus on the 2nd of April.

Sneaking onto PS Plus in April…

Leaving PS Plus on 2nd April:

Entering PS Plus on 2nd April:

What are your thoughts on this months PS Plus titles? Anything in particular tickle your fancy? What would you like to see in May’s lineup?

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