World of Tanks: 360 Edition free to all this weekend

Free-to-play game World of Tanks: Xbox 360 Edition gets even free-er this weekend as Wargaming has removed the Xbox Live Gold membership requirement until 06:59 UTC on Sunday.  For Xbox Live Silver members who have not yet used up their 7-day free trial of the game you will be pleased to hear that this weekend does not count towards that limit.

The all-access weekend coincides with the end of the games Map Madness campaign, which sees the community trying to rack up as many kills as possible to unlock new maps for all players.  The community are on target to hit the final goal of destroying 40 million enemy vehicles since March 18th within the next 24 hours, unlocking the final map Prokhorovka in the process.

Players this weekend will also have a chance to compete in the Sniper Medal Hunt event, with the opportunity to unlock a medal and more in-game currency providing you can keep your accuracy above 85%.

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