Dead Space is currently free on Origin

Did you miss out on Dead Space when it came out way back in 2008?  Well you’re in luck as until May 8th the PC version of the game is free on EA’s Origin Store.

Go back to where Isaac’s journey began in the original Dead Space

Dead Space puts you in control of engineer Isaac Clarke as he attempts to escape the horrors of the abandoned ship USG Ishimura and the grotesque Necromorphs that now inhabit it after being lured in by a distress call.  As expected, nothing is ever straight forward and as Isaac uncovers more of what happened on the Ishimura and its illegal mining activities on Aegis VII things go from bad to worse as the nature of the Necromorphs and the alien virus that created them is revealed.

The 3rd person action/horror title has a story penned by comics legends Warren Ellis, Rick Remender & Anthony Johnston, and picked up mainly favorable reviews back when it was released.  Certainly worth the asking price, namely nothing, if you have never dipped your toes into the franchise previously.

Shacknews have uncovered that Dead Space kicks off a new promotion from EA called “On the House”, which will see full games, expansions and more made completely free of charge for a limited amount of time.  As for the reason behind the promo? According to the Origin site:-

“We’re gamers, too. We appreciate you making Origin your gaming home … and besides, who doesn’t like free stuff?”

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