Iron Galaxy Studios pick up Killer Instinct reins

Since Amazon acquired Double Helix Games back in February there has been a question mark hanging over who would be picking up future development of Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, but all has been revealed today as Iron Galaxy Studios have been confirmed to take the game forward.

The final content to come from the Double Helix Games will be the title update due on April 9th which adds cyborg knight Fulgore to the games ever growing roster, along with a single player Arcade Mode and eight player online multiplayer lobbies with spectator functionality, with Iron Galaxy Studios picking up the reins for ‘Season 2’ of the free-to-play games content.  In order to aid the transition between the studios a team of 10 Iron Galaxy employees has spent a week with Double Helix Games learning the existing development tools used for the in-house Hex Engine that powers the game.

Iron Galaxy Studios are no stranger to the fighting game genre, having covered development duties on Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online Edition along with their own game in 2013’s Divekick, and even pitched to Microsoft to develop Killer Instinct when MS were shopping the title around in 2012, but in the end decided that their small team could not handle development of the game alongside Wreckateer, which was in the pipeline at the time.  In an interview with Polygon Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios, described Killer Instinct as “the one that got away”.  Lang also confirmed that the studio do not plan to try and make any fundamental changes to the game, instead focusing on new content to compliment what already exists:-

“If we were going to work on this game and go, ‘Oh, we want to change everything,’ if we were in that position, it’d be a mess. I’m not sure if we would have taken the gig,” said Lang. “What they have is not [broken]. What they have is amazing, and it’s good, and we just want to layer new stuff on top of that that keeps the pace intact.”

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