Portal headed to Nvidia Shield handheld

Valve and Nvidia are teaming up to bring one of the most innovative games of recent years to one of the most innovative platforms. The critically-acclaimed Portal is being developed to work with the Nvidia Shield.

Portal for Nvidia Shield

Portal for Nvidia Shield

Doug Lombardi from Valve explains:

NVIDIA has created a very powerful and unique device with SHIELD. Our companies have a strong history working together and we’re looking forward to Portal‘s arrival on SHIELD.

In case you weren’t aware, Portal seamlessly blends FPS and puzzle gaming into one nifty little package, which has won more than 70 industry awards and stands at a Metacritic score of 95.

Head back to Aperture Science with an all new platform, as Portal joins more than 300 Shield-supported games already available on the handheld device.

Even though the announcement only mentions one game – the original Portal – and not its sequel, it marks an exciting milestone: This is the first time Valve has moved into the mobile space – the Shield is powered by Android. This suggests the Source Engine is happy to run on ARM processors, meaning that other Source games could potentially also make the leap.

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